How difficult are the walks ?

A reasonable level of fitness is needed, but the grading system will help you decide which holiday will suit you best.

The first grade 

The duration of these walks will be up to 4 hours a day. We walk on gently sloping tracks and footpaths through woods and pastureland. There will be plenty of time to stop and admire the views. We walk for up to 10 kilometres in a day with no more than 500 metres of ascent.

The second grade  

The duration of these walks will be up to 6 hours a day. We walk on dirt roads, tracks, and some wilder mountain paths. We try to avoid vertiginous and steep drops wherever possible. There might be a little gentle scrambling. We take the time to stop regularly, though a regular pace will be maintained throughout the day. We walk on average for 15 kilometres in a day with perhaps 700 metres of ascent.

The third grade   

The duration of these walks will be up to 8 hours  a day. We walk on all types of terrain from dirt roads to high mountain footpaths. We will often have to scramble and there will be occasional steep drops. We maintain a regular rhythm, but take regular stops too, lunch breaks are especially important. We walk for an average of 18 kilometres a day with up to 1000 metres of ascent.


Our tours are meticulously designed so that we start off the week on a gentle note and build up to longer walks as your fitness increases. The itineraries are flexible according to the fitness of the group and the weather or other events out of our control.

Often there are two leaders on our French tours, so we are able to split up the group and carry on with two levels. This is not always possible on our Greek tours.