5 days trip

Mindfull Walking, Yoga and Spa

based at Bagnères de Bigorre

23rd to 27th July 2020.        

Price : 680€/person


French & Spanish Pyrenees.

22nd to the 29th August 2020

The Pyrenees are a huge natural barrier that runs 450 kilometres from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean.
For people; they form a natural barrier dividing France from Spain; for animals it is a huge area of naturel wilderness where few humans reside. Most of the year many of the higher areas are snowbound. Here an increasing number of wild bears, wolves, lynx and many other animals roam the hills relatively untouched by the world that people have created around them. In summer and autumn wild flowers abound, migrating birds fly north or south and huge herds of cattle, horses and sheep graze on the mountains. 
We walk this area in August and September when the weather at these heights is cool enough for walking to be really enjoyable.