Since the autumn of 2021 I have started reorganizing and leading walks again in Crete.

This time not on my own but in cooperation with Simpson Travel. I have enjoyed rediscovering an island I have known for over 30 years. There is always a new discovery to be made, new people to meet, new dishes to taste, new adventures to experience. 

I now plan and research all the walks that Simpson travel run in Crete. I choose the walks, the tavernas where we eat, the villages we visit, in a word all the technical aspects of your days out in the mountains. I then accompany the walks seconded by Myriam who is in the background of each moment of your day making sure that things run smoothly. Simpson travel organize the sales, the flights to and from the UK (or your country of origin), the accommodation, and the transport during the tour.

We make a great team and we look forward to having you join us on one of our very special trips.

Crete the great island.

Crete is a continent. It is 160 miles long. The western end is furthest to the north and as you travel East it dips to the south. Hence the difference in climate. The west is cooler and the East is hotter. In the west the mountains are higher, there are peaks that go up to 2452 meters, snow falls regularly on the White mountains.


These snowcapped peaks dominate the whole western end of the island through the year. The East is also dominated by a mountainous backbone, but this is rarely snowcapped due to a lower rainfall and a much warmer climate.

Crete is a beautiful island with much to see. It has a never ending variety of different landscapes with different vegetation, lowland and mountain villages, seaside and alpine landscapes.


The people vary as much as the landscapes …… a place to visit time and time again.

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The Cyclades :
The Cycladic islands float in the center of the Aegean like small jewels. Each island is unique but they all retain the colors of the Greek flag as their unforgetable backdrop. The blue sea and the white houses, simple houses, a slow pace of life, hospitality, and a clarity of light that has inspired people since antiquity and will continue to do so until the end of time.

We can offer our expertise for your special interest tours, organise a week for you and your friends at any time of the year and make special offers for small groups of friends.

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