A few words :
Crete is the "Great Island" with never ending breathtaking scenerary, fantastic beaches, hospitable people, delicious cuisine, and a mild climate.
In a few words this is one of the ideal places to take a short walking trip.
The Cycladic islands float in the center of the Aegean like small jewels. Each island is unique but they all retain the colors of the Greek flag as their unforgetable backdrop. The blue sea and the white houses, simple houses, a slow pace of life, hospitality, and a clarity of light that has inspired people since antiquity and will continue to do so until the end of time.

The Pyrenees are a rich and diverse area with wonderful villages, great walking, and varied food.
We walk in three of our favourite areas the Luchonnais, the Val D'Aran and the Sobira Pallars. 
Guided walks offers an expertise for your special interest tour.
We can organise a week for you and your friends at any time of the year. 
We can make special offers for small groups of friends.
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