A walk on the wild side of Eastern Crete

Dates :  17th  to 24th April 2020

5th to 12th May 2020

PRICE : 1.090€/person

single supp. 120€

This tour begins in Heraklion, where we spend the 1st night.
We stay in the village of Palekastro for 4 nights from where we will explore the many fantastic paths of this part of the island, before moving over to the south eastern coast for the last two nights.

There will be 5 walks on this tour, with one day off. We have chosen our favourite walks, each one with its own charm and interest. One of the features of the Cretan landscape are the gorges, more than a hundred over the whole territory. These chasms are refuges that protect many of the plants, insects, and animals that have disappeared in other parts of the island. 


During spring, there are many flowers and birds in the hills, in the autumn the countryside is arid but after the first rains the autumn flowers come back and there are some pleasant surprises such as sea squills and sea daffodils.

We will walk on ancient paths, or old trails that will take us to archaeological sites, churches, monasteries, and deserted villages. As we walk we will meet Cretan farmers in their fields or villages and we will take the time to stop and chat with them.

We will read from books written by travellers on the landscapes we travel through, observing their many features and  the stories they tell.
Some  of the main characteristics of the eastern end of Crete are the wonderful beaches, the lack of construction, and a feeling of seeing Crete as it was thousands of years ago.

Sacred archaeological sites Eastern Crete

 date on request in 2020

This will be unique week one where there will be the opportunity to learn about some of the secrets and in depth stories about the history of pre christian Crete straight from one of the archaeologists that excavated many of the Minoan and Hellenistic sites in the Far East of Crete. Sandy is passionate about his subject and is able to really bring the stones and the archaeological sites to life. He has many stories to tell and special secret places to show those that join. Of course we will learn about many other aspects of Cretan life throughout its' history and  there will be the usual good tavernas, swimming, laughing and enjoying the special atmosphere on this wonderful island.

Our traditional West coastal path in Crete

On request for 2020 small groups of friends are welcome

This tour is a four-centre holiday, spent in the wild and beautiful area of south western Crete. 

Eight days in this special part of Crete give us the opportunity to explore the wild regions of Sfakia and Selino. On our doorstep are at least 30 gorges, 50 kilometers of coastal paths, easy access to the high mountains and to the Samarian Gorge National Park. We will learn about the rich history and culture of Creta, and visit Roman and Hellenistic ruins, remote villages, Byzantine chapels, diverse farming areas through a variety of terrains. Not to mention the wonderful tavernas, family run hotels, and warm crystal clear waters.

Special aspects of this tour:

  • Exploring some of the lesser known gorges of south western Crete such as Sirikari  and Aradena plus the famous Samaria gorge.

  • On several of the south coast walks we will use boat transfers at the start of the walk, walk the stunning coastal E4 paths and have plenty of opportunity to swim in crystal-clear waters.

  • Walking on high plateaux through ancient olive groves and ancient cypress forest in and around the foothills of the White Mountains.

  • Visiting monasteries, hidden Byzantine chapels, local artisans and archaeological sites.

  • Eating an al fresco picnic prepared for us by a Cretan family using their own produce.

10th to the 17th of October 2017


single supp. 140€