Are you looking for an authentic break where you can explore beautiful places on foot? At the rhythm of the country and it's people,

led by an experienced, qualified and multilingual guide, in carefully chosen locations...

Come walking with Jonathan Peat!

Jonathan has been walking the paths of Crete and other parts of Greece for nearly 30 years. He knows many of the ancient trails that would be impossible to find without extensive local knowledge. He has a love and a deep connection to the land, the people and the history and customs of the places he visits.

The essentials for a good walk are stopping to admire beautiful views; ancient footpaths; unusual landscapes; a secluded bay for a swim and ideally a family run taverna !

We only work with small groups so that Jonathan can be attentive to everyone's needs  and also to the surroundings.

Also we can be flexible if weather or other events require it. We plan, lead and manage our tours from start to finish, so you can relax and enjoy the walks. Our aim is to make your holiday a success so that you will come back time and time again. Many people do, read some of the testimonials!

Jonathan's philosophy is that walking is a way of life.

Apart from being an extremely healthy and sociable way to spend a day out, it is a relaxing and rewarding activity. 

In order to make these walks even more special, whilst enjoying the fresh air and the breathtaking landscapes, Jonathan may read 

suitable passages out of books on history, philosophy, natural history and poetry. These give the walks an added dimension  !

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