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I’m Jonathan Peat and I’ve been running Walking Tours and Guided Walks in Greece and France for over 30 years. For me it’s a way of life and something I love. Walking’s the best way I know to stay healthy in body and mind. It’s the best way to discover the world, see new places and make friends. It’s the freedom to travel at your own pace (literally) with a group of like-minded people or, if you prefer, to stroll in solitude with just your own thoughts for company. 


I started very young. Born into a family of avid walkers, lacing up my boots and heading into the countryside, whatever the weather, to exercise the dog or simply to get fresh air into my lungs was a daily activity. It became a passion. A passion that became a career.


With more than three decades of experience as a professional guide, I know exactly what makes every walk special – it’s you. The paths you’d like to tread, the sites you like to visit, the places you’d like to stay. My walks are packed with stunning views, magical beauty spots and nature at its finest. Not to mention the most amazing historical stories. Of course, it isn’t just about walking: at the end of every exciting day you’ll sit down to a delicious local dinner and stay overnight in carefully chosen accommodation.

I know no better way to recharge the body and revitalize the spirit than walking. Bring your own story and share it with a group of like-minded people. After a couple of days, you’ll feel like you’ve known your fellow walkers all your life. You’ll learn so much about other people and their lives but, most importantly, you’ll start to discover yourself. You’ll also discover an incredibly healthy appetite and some of the most restful sleep you’ve ever had. Walking's the most natural and wholesome way to take exercise and it's the easiest and most relaxing way to be with other people. Particularly in these difficult times.

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